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On the Record: March 18-24, 2019

Compiled by Amy Egger

Posted online

Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
Listed here are deeds of trust and mortgages, in amounts of $100,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by grantor, grantee, note amount and legal description of the property involved in the transaction.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
U.S. Bank to Alyssa Kuse and Ryan Courtois; 127,040; L5, Meadowlark Heights.
U.S. Bank to Kenneth Guy and Barbara Smith Carter; 100,000; sec. 16, twp. 28, range 22, SW.
Veterans United Home Loans to Adam L. and Laura E. Smith; 124,623; L60, Coachlight Village.
Volt Credit Union to Martin and Carole Clements; 110,000; sec. 32, twp. 30, range 20, NE.
Wood & Huston Bank to Triple TTT Holdings LLC; 350,000; sec. 19, twp. 28, range 23, SE.
March 1-7, 2019
American Advisors Group to Robert T. and Joyce L. Allen Trust; 210,000; L16, Don Walker addition.
Arvest Bank to James Jr. and Kimberly Orlando; 756,000; L11, Cobblestone Creek.
Arvest Bank to Kimberly A. and James D. Yeary; 202,500; L8-10, Brentwood Terrace, second addition.
Arvest Bank to Adam C. Beatty; 121,153; L36-37, Pauline’s, second addition.
Arvest Bank to Tyler B. and Krystal K. Creach Trust; 446,500; L77, Olde Ivy.
Arvest Bank to Robert L. Bell; 100,000; L36, Ironbridge, Phase II.
Arvest Bank to Mary K. and Robert C. Fields; 115,000; L23, Ravenwood South, sixth addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Jamie Lee Maddux; 140,800; L3, Ravenwood, second addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Cynthia and Allen Lloyd; 129,900; L11, Vermillion Estates.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to James N. and Jessica Peterson; 226,883; L44, Southview Estates.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to William G. Sorrells Jr.; 221,350; L94, Spring Meadow Estates, Phase I.
BancorpSouth Bank to Pearson Creek Properties LLC; 152,000; sec. 23, twp. 29, range 22, NE.
BancorpSouth Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 400,800; L6, L8 and L10, Monte Cristo, Phase IV.
BancorpSouth Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 247,200; L7 and L9, Monte Cristo, Phase IV.
Bank of America to Klint Eric and Ashley Lynn Andreas; 340,000; L54, Windsmore.
Bank of Bolivar to Supreme Estates LLC; 103,500; L78, Ozark Land Co.’s addition.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Brian and Pamela Houser; 146,400; L13, Marlborough Manor, fifth addition.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Avery Shuster; 149,246; L28, Westwood.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Rehwoldt Properties LLC; 225,000; L21-22, Southvale Terrace, second addition and others.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Kaedian A. and Ryan Heath Schimmels; 116,400; L3, Lindon-Sperry-Sycamore-Wells, first addition.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Traci and William Nelson; 110,800; L1, Logan Heights.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Connie L. Holder; 145,500; L15, Lakewood Village, Unit 2.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Urban Property LLC; 579,700; Units 101 and 201, Central Shoe Lofts.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Siler Trust; 334,900; L6, Millwood Park.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Ozark Legacy Properties LLC; 158,000; L83, Hilltop Heights.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 124,000; L6, Tarkio Street Place.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Salem Meadows Rentals LLC; 400,000; L4, L8 and L11, Salem Meadows and others.
Citizens Bank to Timothy Sullivan; 116,100; L9, Rockaway Lane, first addition.
Citizens Bank to Ryan D. and Amberlea D. Simpson; 181,500; L13, Valley Park Estates.
Commerce Bank to Cassandra N. Brasher and Brandon D. Price; 130,950; L20, Fox Creek.
Commerce Bank to W.B. Real Estate LLC; 100,000; L15, Marlborough East.
Commerce Bank to Mark Phillip Sharp Trust; 631,750; L39, Bristol Park.
Commerce Bank to Kristopher K. Alford and Abby Linn Cutbirth; 227,011; L16, Sterling Meadows, first addition.
CU Community Credit Union to Maranda Lee; 151,900; L28, Meadowview Estates, Phase II.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Angela and Chris Burros; 103,588; L17, Southside Development, Unit 1.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Jerry Couch Jr.; 111,935; L8-9, J.T. Mahanay addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Mark Warner; 108,890; L36, Belcrest addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Diana Walker; 107,350; L100, Sunmeadow Estates.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Charlotte Cook; 151,905; L41, Bent Tree, Phase III.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Duane E. and Audrey E. Carter; 168,000; L132, Cherokee Estates, second addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Fredrick Otieno and Ariana Kowiti; 133,486; L4, Wild Briar.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. to Angela Michelle and Jason Busse; 151,210; L17, Taliaferro, first addition.
First Home Bank to Conor Ray and Maria Lowe; 103,200; L6, Prairie Village, first addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Kyle and Catherine Buckner; 220,500; L7, Holyoke Park, third addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Felisity and Laine Cordell; 168,884; L3, Meador Park Estates, Unit 2.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Colton A. and Nicole Helsel; 106,328; L10, Fairway Place.
Foundation Credit Union to Richard Alan Cramer and Amanda Bonenr-Cramer; 166,500; sec. 29, twp. 28, range 20, SW.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 128,400; L8, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 142,000; L28, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 140,000; L12, Monte Cristo, Phase IV.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 140,000; L14, Monte Cristo, Phase IV.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 122,000; L27, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
Gershman Mortgage to Thomas J. and Christy Daily; 166,500; L1-2 and L8, Lakewood Hills.
Gershman Mortgage to Matthew W. Fanning and Michelle A. Levine; 146,202; L25, Vintage Hills Manor.
Gershman Mortgage to Dennis R. and Barbara K. Brozowski; 252,000; L16, Bristol Park.
Gershman Mortgage to Dixon L. and Linda A. McMillen and Stuart Patrick and Trinity A. Sweet; 108,007; L1, Luciana Julian’s, first addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Gregory Michael and Christina Carol Wecker; 181,550; L3, Linwood Heights, fourth addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Ricky and Kaydi Harp; 241,707; L24, Crestview Estates, seventh addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Lara Sue Jewell Ellis and Charles A. Corbett; 112,229; L5, Rollston-Luster Place.
Gershman Mortgage to Brittany D. and Tyler M. Haake; 110,854; L27, Twin Lakes, Phase I.
Great Southern Bank to Jesse and Amanda Golden; 133,950; L17, Kirkwood addition.
Great Southern Bank to Billy G. and Mareta G. Ramsey; 126,000; L47, Logan Estates.
Great Southern Bank to Jason A. and Karena D. Morgan; 161,200; L121, Lakes at Shuyler Ridge.
Great Southern Bank to Conrad IV and Hollis K. Bell; 265,600; Unit 1, Cooper Estates, second addition.
Guaranty Bank to Karissa and Dustin Coppedge; 161,405; L5, Hattiesburg Hills, Phase III.
Guaranty Bank to Christopher R. and Jamie M. Anglen; 212,500; L9, Carriage Park, fourth addition.
Guaranty Bank to Shane A. and Kimberly A. Hanson; 164,000; sec. 19, twp. 31, range 21, SW.
Guaranty Bank to Michael P. and Donna J. Aldrich; 240,000; L18, Fawn Valley Estates, Phase I.
Guaranty Bank to Christopher and Cari Oughton; 170,000; L14, Evergreen, Phase II.
Guaranty Bank to Clint and Janny Dyer; 460,000; L24, Forest Trails.
Home Mortgage Group to Melissa Sattler; 173,695; L6, Collier.
Joyce R. Ward Trust and Ward Branch Enterprises Inc. to R.W. Developments LLC; 8,021,331; L1, Ridge at Ward Branch, Phase I.
Legacy Bank & Trust to Blake and Kylee Brown; 150,000; L74, Liberty Place, Phase I.
Legacy Bank & Trust to Cody Standfill and Sarah P. Knox; 135,150; sec. 5, twp. 30, range 21, SE. LLC to Anthony Sciarra; 119,298; L11-12, Bryn Mawr Heights. LLC to Max and Nancy Gaspard; 137,740; L13, High Meadow Estates, first addition.
Low VA Rates LLC to Anthony Ray and Ashley E. Warren; 172,820; L8, Meadowridge.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Judith Lee; 118,340; L3, Park Lane Estates.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 252,000; L35, Wild Horse, Phase IV.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 126,400; L2, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
Missouri Credit Union to Jared and Kayla Fischer; 168,780; L45, Cedar Creek, first addition.
Mobank to Brandon Walker; 122,662; L18, Orchard Crest, Phase IV.
New American Funding to Theresa Dill; 184,950; L46, Briarwood.
New American Funding to Samuel and Amy Lawson; 125,600; L12, Primrose Estates, first addition.
OakStar Bank to Wendy R. Macchi and Marvin J. and Adria K. Vestal; 168,000; L11, Chimney Hills, first addition.
OakStar Bank to Norma G. Kuntz and Bradley A. and Janet L. Bennett; 385,000; L6, Dulin Estates.
OakStar Bank to Michael J. and Nichelle L. Metcalf; 227,000; L24, Cherry Ridge.
OakStar Bank to Noah R. Sands; 126,100; L19, Walnut Terrace.
OakStar Bank to David and Whitney Williams; 154,000; L40, Green Meadows.
OakStar Bank to Amy M. Fly; 139,093; L18, Highland Meadows, Phase II.
OakStar Bank to David and Whitney Williams; 285,000; sec. 16, twp. 28, range 20, NW.
OakStar Bank to Angie K. Hutsell and Carey Schehl; 247,400; L14, Toothman addition.
OakStar Bank to Jesse B. and Ann N. Clay; 129,600; L22, Holiday, first addition.
OakStar Bank to Curtis Byers; 165,938; L20, Mill Ridge.
OakStar Bank to Andrew J. and Silvia Fassbender; 234,740; L31 and L34, Windsor Park, Phase III.
OakStar Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 150,500; L29, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
OakStar Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 150,500; L18, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
OakStar Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 150,500; L22, Monte Cristo, Phase V.
OakStar Bank to Tom Mithcell; 114,000; L12, Ridgedale, sixth addition.
OakStar Bank to William C. Springer and Taylor E. Brown; 143,944; L28, Monte Cristo, Phase III.
OakStar Bank to Jeffrey E. and Roberta A. Ables; 199,900; L22, Stonehinge.
OakStar Bank to Rita and Keesag A. Baron; 335,000; L17, The Terraces.
OakStar Bank to RAGA Properties LLC; 1,750,000; sec. 30, twp. 29, range 20, SE and sec. 31, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
OakStar Bank to Jonathan F. and Abby L. Thurman; 114,000; sec. 20, twp. 28, range 20, NW.
OakStar Bank to Michael G. and Jill M. Headley; 900,000; sec. 13, twp. 29, range 21, NW.
OakStar Bank to Trisha and Kelly Keys; 469,000; L14, Stanford Forest.
Old Missouri Bank to SJF Investments LLC; 178,000; L97-100, Allen Place addition.
Old Missouri Bank to P&E Investments Inc.; 1,497,000; sec. 35, twp. 29, range 23, NE and NW.
Old Missouri Bank to A. Daniel Pinheiro; 3,410,000; L1, Ridge at Ward Branch, Phase I.
Old Missouri Bank to MidAmerican Real Estate LLC; 115,400; L6, Crown Heights.
PrimeLending to Philip and April Lachance; 112,520; L4, Webster Park, first addition.
PrimeLending to Lynda S. Daniel; 122,550; L34, Deer Run, Phase II.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Dennis R. Jr. and Ashley Nicholle Revell; 110,000; L22, McClernon Springs.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Andrew and Sarah Thompson; 185,250; L17, Lakewood Hills South.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Ronald C. and Nancy S. Fast; 134,900; L74, White Oaks.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Thomas A. and Janine F. Wilson; 164,465; L8, Brookside, second addition.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Leeroy Jr. and Erin Collins; 228,920; L13, Briarwood Terrace.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Jack and Chasity Daniels; 135,400; L51, Countryland, Phase V.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Shannon Renee Sorrells; 121,082; L3, Southwest Timbers, first addition.
Regent Bank to We HR-Fourt LLC; 1,296,000; L20-24, W.H. Pipkin.
Regions Bank to Law Office of the Ozarks PC; 250,000; 636 W. Republic Road, Stes. 104 and 108 65807.
River Region Credit Union to Damian and Jennifer Probstfield; 208,000; L70, Stone Meadow, Phase II.
Simmons Bank to Stephen R. Adams and Randall O. Doennig; 449,500; Units 14C-14D, One Parkway Place.
Simmons Bank to Andrew Goodall and Jena Leigh Steele; 230,850; L7, Preston Woods.
Simmons Bank to Matthew E. Geitner; 141,300; L77, Park Estates I.
Simmons Bank to Virginia M. Shirato Trust; 144,500; L13, Quail Creek, Phase III.
Simmons Bank to Jarrett and Deborah Dunlop; 103,125; L104, South Kickapoo Estates, fifth addition.
Southern Bank to Brenart Properties LLC; 160,000; L3, Prime Time Properties.
Southern Bank to Coryell Holdings LLC, S.E. Coryell Holdings LLC, Stinnett Properties LLC and Miller Commerce Assets LLC; 675,000; L1, Tera Vera II.
Southern Bank to Justin R. and Amanel Humphreys and Matthew McNitt and RepMO Properties LLC; 600,000; L18-19, Wade, second addition.
Southern Bank to Kyle and Amber Murray; 256,500; L25, Cloverhill Estates, Phase III.
Springfield First Community Bank to Scott T. and Kyla A. Miles; 236,300; L19, Prairie Creek Estates.
Springfield First Community Bank to Jennifer M. Lewis; 108,465; L17, Meadowbrook Manor, first addition.
Springfield First Community Bank to Ryverlee McCoy; 175,659; L82, Deer Field, Phase II.
Springfield First Community Bank to Springfield Property LLC; 290,000; L2, Stratton Park.
Springfield First Community Bank to Vanessa S. Hawkins; 142,045; L22, Lindon-Sperry-Sycamore-Wells, second addition.
Springfield First Community Bank to Farmer Trust; 100,000; sec. 3, twp. 2, range 21, NE.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Tyler K. Thompson; 428,354; L3, Cobblestone Creek.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Melanie Marie Myears; 292,000; sec. 27, twp. 28 range 20, SW.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Harold E. Sanders Jr.; 140,000; L22, Woodland Hills, Phase II.
Stephen Guidry to Creative Housing Investments LLC; 105,000; L11, White Oak.
Systematic Savings Bank to Powered Holdings LLC; 178,566; L21, North Springfield original.
Systematic Savings Bank to Charles A. and Connie C. Morrill Trust; 117,000; L31, Orchard Crest Homes Inc., fifth addition.
U.S. Bank to Paul E. and Terri R. Bolin; 164,000; sec. 1, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
U.S. Bank to Dodd’s Holdings LLC; 855,520; L65-66, Springfield original.
U.S. Bank to James D. and Kathryn J. Mathisen; 242,000; L6, Eaglesgate Phase IV.
UMB Bank to Steven Senger and Ximena Uribe Zarain; 180,175; L1, Cinnamon Square, ninth addition.
UMB Bank to John Michael Felts and Jennifer Obert; 157,500; L2, Jones Spring.
United Wholesale Mortgage LLC to Jason R. and Ashlee L. Phelps; 320,000; L21, Diamond View Estates, Phase I.
USAA Federal Savings Bank to Andrew, Kevin and Kristine Dieckmann; 143,775; L19, Spark’s Grand Oaks, first addition. to Sherry Lincoln; 189,500; L11, Enchanted Woodlands.
Volt Credit Union to Davidson Family Trust; 180,000; sec. 29, twp. 28, range 23, SE.
Wood & Huston Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 120,300; L7, Tarkio Street Place.

Springfield Building Permits
Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
March 1-7, 2019
BLDR2019-00076. New Life USA; n/a; residential remodel; 623 S. Missouri Ave.
BLDR2019-00078. Bill Morrow; n/a; residential remodel; 2336 N. Pierce Ave.
BLDR2019-00084. n/a; L.R. Remodeling LLC; residential remodel; 550 E. Normal St.
BLDC2019-00078. Mercy Hospital Springfield; Larry Snyder & Co.; new commercial; 2716 W. Republic St.

Greene County Building Permits
Listed here are Greene County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR: single-family residence. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
March 1-7, 2019
4421. Brian Roy; same; SFR; 8273 N. Farm Road 193, Fair Grove 65648; 385,000.
4366. James D. Schleusner; Greenhaw Building; accessory building; 2182 W. State Highway CC, Brighton 65617; 37,900.
4372. James Walker; Modern Exteriors of Springfield; residential addition; 3815 E. Fox Grape St. 65809; 20,000.
4420. Ross B. Tilton Trust; Ozarks Remodeling; residential remodel; 6348 E. Ridgeline Drive 65809; 14,000.
4401. Dobbs & Stuhlsatz Homes LLC; ELS Construction; SFR; 2592 W. Camino Alto 65810; 275,000.
4409. Opal Acres LLC; Q & Co.; accessory building; 6125 S. Farm Road 57, Billings 65610; 40,000.
4431. Bruce R. Havens; Carl Stotts; SFR; 3788 N. Huntington Ave. 65803; 210,000.
4439. Drue and Michelle Scott; Eck Group Building & Development; SFR; 858 S. River Hills Lane 65802; 550,000.
3834. William Johnson; same; SFR; 1710 E. Arlington Road 65804; 120,000.
4440. Dennis Freeman; Lefty’s Pump & Drilling Co.; accessory building; 11675 W. Farm Road 188, Billings 65610; 22,000.
4411. Gary Kiefer; Coast to Coast Carports Inc.; hay barn; 6355 S. Abigail Lane, Republic 65738; 31,000.
4435. Tara Raaphorst; Midwest Construction Services; residential addition; 3803 N. Stewart Ave. 65803; 42,990.

Newly Licensed City Businesses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in the city of Springfield filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business.
March 1-7, 2019
7 Gables Motor LLC; same; 1465 S. Farm Road 205 65809; 4525 W. Chestnut Expressway, Ste. B; (417) 425-3129; used auto dealer.
Amanda Wiegert; same; 5664 E. State Highway AF, Fair Grove 65648; 3534 E. Sunshine, Ste. J; (417) 838-0727; retail merchant.
Around the Clock; Aleisha Meads; 10042 N. Farm Road 177 65803; same; (417) 705-4858; florist/nursery/greenhouse.
Biven’s Rentals; Alta-Ann Bivens; 703 W. Snider St., Ozark 65721; 3430 S. Elmview Ave.; (417) 860-9533; service agent.
Buford Mechanical LLC; same; 2316 S. Meadowlark Lane 65807; same; (417) 830-0499; special trades contractor.
Chez Ami Lanes LLC; same; 350 S. Glenstone Ave. 65802; same; (417) 864-6777; bowling alley and retail merchant.
Commercial Installation & Construction Co. LLC; same; 14720 W. 105th St., Lenexa, KS 66215; same; (913) 227-7773; special trades contractor.
Dierker Construction; Jerry Dierker; 1402 Dierker Drive, Monett 65708; same; (417) 236-2242; special trades contractor.
Digital Content LLC; same; 1638 E. Republic Road, Ste. A 65804; same; (417) 848-4204; retail merchant.
Drain Pro Cleaning; Mabins LLC; 1942 E. Meadowmere, No. 115 65804; same; (417) 831-9392; plumbing contractor.
Express Closing Firm LLC; same; 1736 E. Sunshine St., Ste. 919 65804; same; (417) 727-0887; service agent.
Extra Care Hair Co.; Kristen Gossett; 778 W. Apache St., Republic 65738; 3636 S. Campbell Ave., No. 9; (417) 770-4089; beauty shop and retail merchant.
Glassmasters; 417 Glassmasters LLC; P.O. Box 266, Strafford 65757; 1250 Fellowship Road, Marshfield; (417) 763-9316; cleaning/maintenance service.
Gomez & Gomez; Pedro Gomez; 842 E. Cambridge St. 65807; same; (417) 403-2558; special trades contractor.
Grandpa’s Garage Second Hand LLC; Manuela Lenhard; 2143 W. Kearney St. 65803; same; n/a; retail merchant.
H&P Painting; Nicholas Hilbrich; 814 S. Kentwood Ave. 65802; same; (417) 231-1994; special trades contractor.
HD Customs LLC; same; P.O. Box 675, Brookline 65619; 2465 E. Jean St.; (417) 773-0809; auto repair.
House to House; Nolan House; 319 E. Camino Drive 65810; same; (417) 551-1027; cleaning/maintenance service.
Junk Troops LLC; same; 1007 E. Waterford Blvd., Ozark 65721; same; (417) 350-5724; service agent.
K.B. Fitness; Kim Benson; 2765 S. Catalina Ave. 65804; same; (417) 522-8026; service agent.
Kellie Cunningham; same; 2211 S. Meadowview 65804; 2457 N. Broadway Ave.; (417) 689-6943; service agent.
Leslie Dawson Coaching LLC; same; 1514 E. Whiteside St. 65804; same; (760) 567-7363; service agent.
Llama Nation Properties LLC; same; 2215 W. Chesterfield Blvd. 65804; same; (417) 886-8887; office building.
Nate & Karen Rentals; Karen and Nathaniel Bowman; 937 W. Pershing St. 65806; same; (417) 849-7700; service agent.
Newland Enterprises; Rick Hart; 5142 State Highway FF, Fordland 65652; same; (417) 859-5899; construction contractor.
Pal Asset; Patricia Koahou; 4502 N. 16th St., Ozark 65721; same; (608) 633-2186; service agent.
Perfect Pet Waste Removal Service; Jennifer P. McGoon; 699 W. Jackson Ave., Nixa 65714; same; (417) 300-1123; service agent.
Pi Kappa Alpha; same; 482 County Highway 262, Oran 63771; 1117 E. Elm St.; (573) 318-8220; fraternity/sorority.
Piper Carpentry LLC; same; 553 W. Beech Lane, Brighton 65617; same; (417) 655-0066; special trades contractor.
Somo Painting LLC; same; P.O. Box 493, Republic 65738; 8174 W. Farm Road 168, Republic; (417) 827-9548; special trades contractor.
Summer Solar; Impact Interiors LLC; 5905 W. U.S. Highway 60, Brookline 65619; same; (417) 732-2822; electrical contractor.
Tatyana Grevtsov; same; 301 S. Third St., Ozark 65721; same; (503) 380-8008; cleaning/maintenance service.
Valorie Rogers; same; 1216 S. Jefferson Ave. 65807; same; (417) 268-7414; service agent.

Greene County Business Licenses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in Greene County filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
March 1-7, 2019
Trout Enterprises; Freedom Café; 352 S. Walnut, Fordland MO 65652; 1850 W. Republic Road; (530) 945-4716; corporation.
Shaun and Angela Vose; Vape Away; 1097 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. C 65804; same; (417) 755-1554; retail proprietor.
Sho-Me Fabrication LLC; same; 1409 N. West Bypass 65803; same; (417) 298-5569; retail/wholesale corporation.
JBJ Holdings LLC; Aromatherapy Essentials; 1510 S. Jameston Road 65809; same; (417) 576-6177; retail corporation.
Kristen Gossett; Extra Care Hair Co.; 778 W. Apache St., Republic 65738; 3636 S. Campbell Ave., Ste. 9; (417) 770-4089; retail/service proprietor.
Emerson Park Apothecary LLC; Wilder & Co.; 5059 S. Fieldstone Road, Battlefield 65619; 2335 E. Chestnut Expressway, Ste. A; (417) 763-1949; retail/wholesale proprietor.
Emerson Park Apothecary LLC; Emerson Park; 5059 S. Fieldstone Road, Battlefield 65619; 2335 E. Chestnut Expressway, Ste. A; (417) 763-1949; retail/wholesale proprietor.

Federal Tax Liens
Listed here are federal tax liens filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
March 1-7, 2019
6272. Melvin Brown Jr. and P. Schiffman; 727 N. Fairfax Ave. 65802; individual; 13,630.
6311. Roger and Janice W. Fouche; 602 E. Cherokee St. 65807; individual; 13,675.
6312. Fouche Enterprises LLC; 600 W. Republic Road, Ste. 104 65807; business; 11,343.
6313. Michael A. and Adrienne N. Adams; 1730 E. Valley Watermill Road, No. 402 65803; individual; 17,112.
6314. James C. and Kathy L. Roller; 4666 S. Ridgeview Ave., Battlefield 65619; individual; 34,642.
6780. Serbica Cafe LLC dba Springfield Family Restaurant; 2222 S. Campbell Ave. 65807; business; 11,348.

Federal Tax Lien Releases
Listed here are federal tax lien releases filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
March 1-7, 2019
6781. Roy W. and Mary B. Jackson; 5055 S. Deer Meadow Lane, Republic 65738; individual; 93,802.
6273. Joseph and Hannah Ndiba; 3826 W. Parkridge Circle 65802; individual; 16,048.
6274. Pappos 900 LLC; P.O. Box 218, Lake Ozark 65049; business; 29,898.
6316. Olive Grille and Yung H Joo; 5623 S. Walnut Hill Avenue 65810; business; 9,937.
6317. Olive Grille LLC; 5623 S. Walnut Hill Avenue 65810; business; 9,937.
6318. Christopher Z. Scrivener; 8192 E. Farm Road 112, Strafford 65757; individual; 10,990.

State Tax Lien Releases
Listed here are state tax lien releases taxes filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
March 1-7,2019
6768. Laurelin C. Schulz; n/a; business; 6,745.
6767. Brian J. Stuebner; n/a; business; 6,745.
6769. Evol Empire LLC; n/a; business; 6,745.

The following petitions were filed and relief was granted in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City for the Western District of Missouri, as a matter of public record. The bankruptcies were received at the federal clerk’s office in Springfield. The bankruptcies appear in order of case, chapter, petitioner and address. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
Feb. 8-14, 2019
B19-60153/Chap. 13. Judith Lynne Love; 1704 E. Lark St. 65804.
B19-60154/Chap. 13. Ryan Anthony Lewis; 20955 Hartburg Lane, Saint Robert 65584.
B19-60155/Chap. 7. Tamas and Stevie Lee Kiss; 3126 E. Valley Water Mill Road, Apt. 2503 65803.
B19-60156/Chap. 13. Julie Ann Scott; 3537 S. Delaware Ave. 65804.
B19-60157/Chap. 7. Adam Clayton Draayer; 2804 Morgan Road, No. 125, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60158/Chap. 7. Josephine S. Cochran; 2523 S. Fort Ave. 65807.
B19-60159/Chap. 13. Ra-Keish N. Roland; 2214 N. Travis Ave. 65803.
Feb. 15-21, 2019
B19-60160/Chap. 13. Holly Dot Caldwell; 2039 Southford Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60161/Chap. 7. Joseph D. and Sabrina L. Spencer; 2055 E. State Route K, No. 62, West Plains 65775.
B19-60162/Chap. 7. Timothy Dewayne Oliver; 4341 W. Maple 65802.
B19-60163/Chap. 13. Donald J. Ready; 2533 N. Fort Ave. 65803.
B19-60164/Chap. 7. Elaine Johns; 3527 Highway 50, Beaufort 63013.
B19-60165/Chap. 7. Kimberly Jeanne Heflin; 627 S. Fountain Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60166/Chap. 7. Carrie Gene Hunter; 504 N. Belview Ave. 65802.
B19-60167/Chap. 7. Dale Alan and Catherine Marie Hall; 1261 W. Vintage Lane, Nixa 65714.
B19-60168/Chap. 13. John Kevin and Kathleen Kim Flohr; 1435 State Highway N, Clever 65631.
B19-60169/Chap. 7. Austin Ray Allen Carcione; 2141 N. Oakland Ave. 65803.
B19-60170/Chap. 7. James Dean Hahn; 14 Legend Road, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60171/Chap. 7. Jimmie Lee and Linda Lee Lowery; 2938 E. Monroe Terrace 65802.
B19-60172/Chap. 7. Rachel Winson Reaves; 818 S. Cobble Creek Blvd., Nixa 65714.
B19-60173/Chap. 13. Wilbur Dean and Debra Annette Turner; P.O. Box 253, Roby 65557.
B19-60174/Chap. 7. Stori N. Hagewood; 280 W. Wilson, Republic 65738.
B19-60175/Chap. 12. Wacha Farms LLC; 1440 W. Skyline Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60176/Chap. 13. Christine Lynn Boaz; 1561 S. Campbell 65807.
B19-60177/Chap. 7. Lorraine M. Gerkey; 302 E. Clouse, Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60178/Chap. 7. Ulas V. Volner; 701 Frisco St., Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60179/Chap. 7. Elija Joshua Smith II; 1434 W. Lark St., Apt. 108 65810.
B19-60180/Chap. 7. Larry Drew and Louise M. Domerese; 641 Joe Jones Blvd., West Plains 65775.
B19-60181/Chap. 13. Timothy Darden and Shelly Patrice Curl; 106 E. Pintail Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60182/Chap. 7. Steven Travis and Cristina Camelia Worley; 802 Daniel Lane, Willard 65781.
B19-30060/Chap. 13. Danny Joe and Debbie Ruth Poindexter; 46 Allison Bend, Lampe 65681.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
B19-60183/Chap. 7. Dustin L. Hayman; 4006 N. Willow Road, Ozark 65721.
B19-60184/Chap. 7. Joshua Jackson and Rachelle M. Vaughn; 813 S. Dade 251, Ash Grove 65604.
B19-60185/Chap. 7. Ryan David Gray; 741 N. Elmwood Ave. 65802.
B19-60186/Chap. 7. Pamela Lynn Eskandar; 1216 Pearl Circle, West Plains 65775.
B19-60187/Chap. 13. Robin Renea Gold; 3134 W. Page St. 65802.
B19-60188/Chap. 7. Shane Erin and Jacqueline Dawn Gold; 2051 Delaware Ave. 65804.
B19-60189/Chap. 7. Maxie Dee Johnson; 1120 E. Livingston Court 65803.
B19-60190/Chap. 7. Sandra Louise Tyner; 614 Skyview Drive, Branson 65616.
B19-60191/Chap. 7. Kode Drew Witherspoon; 311 E. Monroe St., Walnut Grove 65770.
B19-60192/Chap. 7. Richard Howell English; 2106 N. Benton, Unit B 65803.
B19-60193/Chap. 7. Aaron Scott Williams; 103 N. Teakwood Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60194/Chap. 7. J.D. Livingston; 2321 E. Cherry St., Apt. 2 65802.
B19-60195/Chap. 7. Rita Clark; 3963 W. Gardenia Drive, Brookline 65619.
B19-60196/Chap. 13. Chadwick Arthur and Alexandria Louise Runk; 828 E. Purple Martin St., Nixa 65714.
B19-60197/Chap. 7. Rex Jacob Cody and Cherie Nicole Rowden; 2710 N. Farm Road 137, Lot 118 65803.
B19-60198/Chap. 13. Lindsay Elizabeth Shaffer; 18629 E. 2028 Road, Dadeville 65635.
B19-60199/Chap. 13. David W. and Tracy L. West; 5731 W. David St. 65802.
B19-60200/Chap. 13. Jeffrey Wayne and Penny Jean Hartman; 143 Park Hill Court, Strafford 65757.
B19-60201/Chap. 7. Jaime Alfredo Gonzalez; 4037 W. Hialeah 65803.
B19-60202/Chap. 7. Laura Stellan Patterson; 550 Boston Road, Oldfield 65720.
B19-60203/Chap. 7. Joy Anna Corn; 1650 Timbercreek Drive, Apt. 13, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60204/Chap. 7. Rachael Marie Reed; 1538 E. Lindberg St. 65804.
B19-60205/Chap. 13. Norma Jean Marcus; 1336 N. West Ave. 65802.
B19-60206/Chap. 13. John Lee and Ruthie Lee Gilsdorf; 873 E. 420th Road, Trailer C-1, Bolivar 65613.
B19-60207/Chap. 11. Print Group Inc.; 1440 W. Skyline Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60208/Chap. 13. Greg Gene Lumley; Route 6, Box 67554, Ava 65608.
B19-60209/Chap. 7. Diana G. Riley; P.O. Box 450, Stockton 65785.
B19-60210/Chap. 13. Wendy Leigh Snodgrass; 2526 W. Swallow St. 65810.
B19-60211/Chap. 7. Jesse Edward Jr. and Jennifer Marie Tanner; P.O. Box 294, Laquey 65534.
B19-60212/Chap. 7. Jamie Cordell Herron; 4001 S. Belvedere Court 65807.
B19-60213/Chap. 7. Billy H. Davis; 210 Brianna Drive, Hollister 65672.
B19-60214/Chap. 7. Matthew Bryce and Stephanie Ann Trotter; 207 N. Gregg Road, Nixa 65714.
B19-60215/Chap. 7. Joshua Michael and Tara Leslie Williams; 4103 N. Mead Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60216/Chap. 7. Jeff M. and Cari C. Maughan; 5364 S. Cloverdale Lane, Battlefield 65619.
B19-60217/Chap. 7. Lindsey R. Shepherd; 709 S. Elm St., Stoutland 65567.
B19-60218/Chap. 7. Deana Marie Hunt; 807 N. Alberta, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60219/Chap. 7. Stephon Antonio and Ashley Nicole Johnson; 3660 S. Cox Ave., Apt. 2105 65807.
B19-60220/Chap. 7. Donald Ray and Shirley Ann Mashburn; 403 E. Hadley St., Republic 65738.
March 1-7, 2019
B19-60221/Chap. 7. Randall Joseph Clark; 1800 State Highway VV, Powersite 65731.
B19-60222/Chap. 7. Jacob M. Jackson; 530 W. Mt. Vernon, Apt. 2 65806.
B19-60223/Chap. 7. Daniel John Westermier; 1839H E. Independence St., Unit 14036 65814.
B19-60224/Chap. 13. Richard Eugene Andrews; 1471 E. Brower 65802.
B19-60225/Chap. 13. Tiffany G. Mathews; 103 W. Nola Drive, Clever 65631.
B19-60226/Chap. 13. Larry Eugene Whitlock; 2604 W. Saige Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60227/Chap. 7. Jeffrey Glen and Jennifer L. Watts; 4469 Highway 63, Cabool 65689.
B19-60228/Chap. 13. Joshua Dale and Kimberly Lea Wilson; 109 Candlewood Road, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60229/Chap. 7. Brain N. and Brittany Ellen Jackson; 806 Bryan St., Willow Springs 65793.
B19-60230/Chap. 7. Danny Ray Anderson; 434 S. Belcrest 65802.
B19-60231/Chap. 7. Heather Ann Brown; 2956 W. Madison St. 65802.
B19-60232/Chap. 13. Thomas Ellis Clark Jr.; 403 N. Fulton St., Marshfield 65706.
B19-60233/Chap. 7. Teresa Michelle Cagle; 1017 W. Second St., West Plains 65775.
B19-60234/Chap. 7. Robin Lea Beard; P.O. Box 2104, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60235/Chap. 7. Tiffany Sue James; 2627 W. Mt. Vernon 65802.
B19-60236/Chap. 13. Allen Ray and Serenna Anntrannette Luttjohann; 4922 S. Farm Road 71, Republic 65738.
B19-60237/Chap. 7. John Frederick Boyd; 2302 N. Hillcrest Ave., No. 37 65803.
B19-60238/Chap. 7. Andrew Daniel and Julian Marie Owensby; 408 N. Dogwood and 9031 E. Farm Road 56, Strafford 65757.
B19-60239/Chap. 7. Gina Marge Woollums; P.O. Box 2163, Ozark 65721.
B19-60240/Chap. 7. George Albert Jr. and Shanna Christine Rice; 1036 W. Jackson St., Bolivar 65613.
B19-60241/Chap. 7. Lindsey Marie Johnston; 21125 Teasly Lane, Devils Elbow 65457.
B19-60242/Chap. 13. Gerald Wayne Knudson; 301 Scott Blvd., Apt. F304, Branson 65616.
B19-60243/Chap. 13. Keith Edward and Suzette Marie Wheeler; 701 S. Aurora Court, Nixa 65714.
B19-60244/Chap. 13. Larry and Marilyn Dale Dilday; P.O. Box 142, Forsyth 65653.
B19-60245/Chap. 7. Carolyn S. Mayhew; 2530 N. Johnston 65803.
B19-60246/Chap. 7. Wesley S. and Amanda L. Vineyard; 2954 Vinyards Parkway, No. 6, Branson 65616.
B19-60247/Chap. 7. Mathew Eugene and Dawn Nicole Hagston; 826 Pershing St., Willard 65781.
B19-30095/Chap. 13. Jeffery O’Brian White; 1715 Rex Ave., Apt. 70, Joplin 64801.


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