Springfield, MO

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On the Record: March 11-17, 2019

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Springfield Building Permits
Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
BLDC2019-00070. CoxHealth; Bales Construction; commercial renovation; 3800 S. National Ave.
BLDC2018-00185. n/a; Storee Construction Co.; warehouse/distribution addition; 4500 E. Progress Place.
BLDC2018-00077. Residual Trust of G.C. Lurvey; Nesbitt Construction; commercial renovation; 2221 E. Kearney St.

Greene County Building Permits
Listed here are Greene County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR: single-family residence. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
4394. Michael E. Hanes; Roger Satterfield; accessory building; 9351 N. Farm Road 169 65803; 50,000.
3988. Graceway Baptist Church Inc.; Loyd Fraker; commercial addition; 5010 S. Farm Road 135 65810; 60,000.
4403. Elizabeth C. Brake; tbd; residential addition; 10671 W. Farm Road 194, Billings 65610; 12,000.
4406. Killarney Cliffs LLC; Historic Development & Restoration; residential remodel; 6405 S. Campbell Ave. 65810; 75,000.
4405. Clint Dyer; Dyer Homes; SFR; 4748 E. Forest Trails Drive 65809; 315,000.
4397. Tyler McShane; tbd; manufactured home; 10236 N. Farm Road 165, Fair Grove 65648; 10,000.
4268. Dylan R. Alexander; same; accessory building; 10075 N. Farm Road 99, Willard 65781; 100,000.
4402. Richard Wayne Moore; Artisan Barn & Building LLC; accessory building; 6288 W. State Highway 266 65802; 27,000.
4414. Lawrence Mueller; same; accessory building; 6195 S. Farm Road 131, Brookline 65619; 7,000.
4419. Cronkhite Homes LLC; same; SFR; 5330 E. Wild Horse Drive 65802; 80,000.

Ozark Building Permits
Listed here are city of Ozark building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and valuation. SFR: single-family residence.
January 2019
20190001. Jason Bauer; same; industrial remodel/renovation; 1624 W. Jackson St.; n/a.
20190002. Creative No. 1 Mobile Electronics; CP Construction; new commercial; 2301 N. 17th St.; 1,500,000.
20190006. Wayne and Chanda Sturgeon; same; residential remodel; 1007 S. Third St.; 65,000.
20190007. Washington Developers LLC; CP Construction; new commercial; 3425 N. 21st St.; 124,000.
20190010. Larry Barnes; same; SFR; 904 N. 21st Ave.; 340,000.
20190012. Katherine Dowdy; same; commercial remodel/renovation; 101 E. Church St.; n/a.
20190016. Car Wash USA; 3-D Construction Co. LLC; new commercial; 1775 W. Marler Lane; 700,000.

Bolivar Building Permits
Listed here are city of Bolivar building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, address, project description, square feet and approximate cost.
January 2019
131509. Walmart Store No. 46; commercial remodel; 2451 S. Springfield Ave.; n/a; 50,000.
131510. Tim Scott Carpentry; commercial addition/infill; 2990 W. Broadway St.; 8,216; 369,720.
131511. Duck Creek Technologies; commercial remodel; 1807 W. Jones St.; 1,000; 260,000.

Christian County Building Permits
Listed here are Christian County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, project description, address and valuation. SFR: single-family residence.
January 2019
B18-000539. Callie and Heath Sitton; SFR; 4164 N. Smallin Road; 568,492.
B18-000555. David and Kelly Pridgen; SFR; 124 Rogers Lane; 203,120.
B18-000541. Les Burns; SFR; 997 Center Road; 352,656.
B18-000557. Old World Cottages; SFR; 1116 McLean Raod; 481,186.
B19-000009. Dustin Bowman; SFR; 914 Briar Road; 556,800.
B19-000010. Hawthorne Creek Homes LLC; SFR; 424 Sunset Drive; 441,208.
B19-000017. Brad Robison; SFR; 242 Wood Row Drive; 376,396.
B19-000012. John Marion Custom Homes; SFR; 728 State Highway VV; 244,435.
B18-000545. Bryon Campbell; SFR; 1980 Terrell Road; 138,531.
B19-000011. Tom Kreitzer; SFR; 1762 N. Hickory Ridge; 407,354.
B18-000337. Bryan and Jan Saunders; accessory building with living quarters; 1700 Terrell Valley Drive; 160,358.
B19-000004. Chris and Kristina Peterson; SFR; 1003 Glade Road; 363,033.
B19-000021. Terry and Tracy Hays; SFR; 1370 W. Tracker Road; 356,352.
B19-000001. George Croft; residential accessory building; 1680 Greene Road; 71,270.
B19-000008. Frank and Karon Auterson; residential accessory building; 342 Hog Creek Road; 289,536.
B19-000020. Kevin Sutton; residential accessory building; 1731 Willow Wood Drive; 222,720.
B19-000013. Chris Bybee; residential accessory building; 828 Scenic View; 133,632.
B19-000023. Jamco Builders; residential accessory building; 103 Georgetown Heights; 200,448.
B19-000022. Northstar Construction Equipment Leasing Inc.; residential accessory building; 274 Avionics Drive; 356,352.
B19-000024. Bryon Campbell; residential accessory building; Quiet Acres Drive; 267,264.
B18-000456. Paramount Management; residential accessory building; 225 Wind River Drive; 267,264.
B19-000028. WBC Construction; residential accessory building; 907 Caliburn Drive; 99,778.
B19-000003. Travis Miller Homes LLC; residential addition; 222 River Edge Road; 200,893.
B19-000002. George Croft; residential remodel; 1680 Greene Road; 114,923.
B19-000019. Walter B. Thomas; residential remodel; 178 Forest Drive; n/a.

Nixa Building Permits
Listed here are city of Nixa building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate square footage. SFR: single-family residence.
January 2019
181432. Walmart Stores Inc.; commercial remodel; 1102 N. Massey Blvd.; 20,000.
181486. Kennedy Rose Properties LLC; commercial infill; 109 S. Main St.; 1,720.
181505. Diamond Bee Enterprises LLC; commercial infill; 6930 E. Countyline Road; n/a.
181516. Randy Gairson; commercial infill; 420 N. Massey Blvd.; n/a.
190002. Ballard Contracting LLC; SFR; 506 E. Dublin Drive; 3,623.
190031. The Well Spa; commercial infill; 815 N. Main St.; n/a.
190032. Law Offices of Wesley Sanders; commercial infill; 819 N. Main St.; n/a.
190037. Turner Properties; residential remodel; 761 E. Diamond Ave.; 355.
190044. S.F. Shepherd Properties LLC; SFR; 1363 N. Rainbow Court; 4,365.
190045. S.F. Shepherd Properties LLC; SFR; 1360 N. Rainbow Court; 3,098.
190046. S.F. Shepherd Properties LLC; SFR; 1361 N. Rainbow Court; 3,049.
190047. Elegant Construction; SFR; 1050 Farm Road 205; 3,743.
190048. Elegant Construction; SFR; 846 Edenmore Circle; 3,656.
190051. Abundant Blessings; commercial infill; 724-726 W. Center; n/a.
190054. Infinity Jewelry; commercial infill; 809 N. Main; n/a.
190064. Turner Residential Holdings LLC; SFR; 864 E. Dyann Drive; 2,322.
190071. Empire Ozark Food Brokers; commercial infill; 728 W. Center Drive; n/a.
190085. Seriously Clean Ltd.; commercial infill; 1075 W. Kathryn, Ste. 5; n/a.
190086. Sol Salon; commercial infill; 105 W. Sherman Way, Ste. 101; n/a.
190093. MBA Nixa MO; commercial infill; 904 N. Main St., Ste. 3; n/a.

Republic Building Permits
Listed here are city of Republic building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
December 2018
18-408. Ozarks Technical Community College; commercial building; 584 W. U.S. Highway 60.
18-412. Bill Hoey; SFR; 1028 S. Natchez Road.
18-420. Carl Stotts; SFR; 1940 E. Foxridge Trail.
18-421. Dennis Speck; SFR; 724 N. Lexington Ave.
January 2019
19-003. Colton Homes LLC; SFR; 1177 S. Natchez Road.
19-007. Kris Stone; commercial remodel/infill; 496 E. U.S. Highway 60.
19-009. Brandt Point LLC; commercial remodel/infill; 1037 E. Township.
19-011. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 188 W. Picardy St.
19-012. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 224 W. Picardy St.
19-013. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 246 W. Picardy St.
19-014. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 262 W. Picardy St.
19-015. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 276 W. Picardy St.
19-016. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 288 W. Picardy St.
19-017. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 292 W. Picardy St.
19-018. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1373 S. Rome Ave.
19-019. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1363 S. Rome Ave.
19-020. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1357 S. Rome Ave.
19-021. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1343 S. Rome Ave.
19-022. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1335 S. Rome Ave.
19-023. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1321 S. Rome Ave.
19-024. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1347 S. Venice Ave.
19-025. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1339 S. Venice Ave.
19-026. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1331 S. Venice Ave.
19-027. McPhail Homes; SFR; 567 S. Forest Lane.
19-028. McPhail Homes; SFR; 581 S. Forest Lane.
19-029. McPhail Homes; SFR; 579 S. Forest Lane.
19-030. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1369 S. Rome Ave.
19-032. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1319 S. Venice Ave.
19-033. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1328 S. Venice Ave.
19-034. Turner Building & Development Inc.; SFR; 1200 Cardinal Ave.
19-035. Turner Building & Development Inc.; SFR; 1190 Cardinal Ave.
19-036. Turner Building & Development Inc.; SFR; 1180 Cardinal Ave.
19-037. Billy Bayans; residential accessory; 425 S. Basswood.
19-042. H Design Group LLC; commercial building; 766 W. Highway 60 East.
19-044. Jonathan and Allision Baltzell; SFR; 827 E. Jared.
19-046. Chris and Kim Saunders; commercial remodel/infill; 200-202 N. Main.
19-047. City of Republic; commercial remodel/infill; 711 E. Miller Road.

Greene County Business Licenses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in Greene County filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
Ozark Advertising Products LLC; same; P.O. Box 10171 65808; 1740 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. L; (417) 553-1068; retail corporation.
Sixteen Feathers LLC; Plato’s Closet; 2144 E. Republic Road, Ste. B-300 65804; 1258 E. Battlefield Road, Unit B; (417) 886-7380; retail corporation.
Salon East Suites; same; 2635 E. Valley Water Mill 65803; 3534 E. Sunshine St., Ste. J; (417) 889-4294; retail/service partnership.
Double Edged LLC; same; 1319 E. Republic Road 65804; same; (417) 986-7838; service corporation.
48forty Solutions LLC; same; 7700 Southland Blvd., Ste. 160, Orlando, FL 32809; 1012 N. Farm Road 123; n/a; retail corporation.

Newly Licensed City Businesses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in the city of Springfield filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
Highland Healthcare LLC; Brightstar Home Care of Springfield; 4264 N. Frontage Road, Fayetteville, AR 72703; same; (417) 823-4888; service agent.
The Colored Cactus LLC; same; P.O. Box 1886, Ava 65608; 1711 W. Battlefield Road, Ste. 38; (417) 543-6203; beauty shop and retail merchant.
Compass Insurance Partner LLC; same; 1469 E. Stanford St. 65804; 3530 S. National Ave.; (417) 988-0075; insurance agent.
Danny Cunningham; same; 6307 W. Cottonwood Road 65802; same; (417) 350-9185; special trades contractor.
Dorothy Joslyn; Dottie Joslyn; 1403 E. Dunkirk St. 65804; same; (417) 839-0572; distributor.
Michael Scheetz; Family Scapes; 3424 Amity Road, Niangua 65713; same; (417) 894-0766; florist/nursery/greenhouse.
Goins Construction LLC; same; 282 Bristlecone Drive, Ozark 65721; same; (417) 761-1489; special trades contractor.
Justin I. Marsh; Imperial Construction Co.; 404 E. Dunn, Miller 65707; same; (417) 466-8482; special trades contractor.
Making Change: Quarter Auctions LLC; same; 3110 S. Lakeside 65804; same; (417) 425-0388; promoter.
Missouri Calibration Service LLC; same; 4147 S. Broadway Ave. 65807; same; (417) 501-8904; service agent.
MLH Investigations LLC; same; 4159 E. Linwood St. 65809; same; (417) 818-5844; service agent.
Dave Jackson; Precision Home; 4359 W. Forest Ridge Road, Battlefield 65619; same; (417) 450-3300; service agent.
Springfield Recycling Co. LLC; same; P.O. Box 14791 65814; 2700 N. Eastgate Ave., Ste. 104; (417) 343-1179; wholesale merchant.
Square 1 Distribution & Logistics LLC; same; 266 W. State Highway CC, Pleasant Hope 65725; 3252 N. Glenstone Ave., B600; (417) 839-9977; service agent.
T.J. Wies Contracting Inc.; same; 200 TCW Court, Lake St. Louis 63367; same; (636) 561-8555; special trades contractor.
State Restoration LLC; Vet Build; 6067 Dublin Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102; same; (417) 315-7299; special trades contractor.
Carin White; White Ranch Mercantile; 225 E. Commercial St. 65803; same; n/a; retail merchant.
Esbra 1 Food Service LLC; Ziggie’s Cafe; 2515 N. Glenstone Ave. 65803; same; (417) 413-8198; restaurant.
Esbra 2 Food Service LLC; Ziggie’s Cafe; 1772 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; same; (417) 413-8198; restaurant.

Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
Listed here are deeds of trust and mortgages, in amounts of $100,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by grantor, grantee, note amount and legal description of the property involved in the transaction.
Feb. 15-21, 2019
Stifel Bank & Trust to Stephaney Moldovan and Christopher Cabrera; 191,468; L10, Bent Tree, Phase V.
UMB Bank to Magers Properties III LLC; 3,000,000; L9-13, Whitlocks Home addition.
Wells Fargo Bank to Maria M. Oliver; 414,200; L15, Chimney Hills, first addition.
Wells Fargo Bank to Darin Arthur II; 145,500; L21, Valley View Hill, second addition.
Wells Fargo Bank to Ralph A. and Jeannine J. Williams; 165,000; L7, River View Heights, third addition.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
America’s Credit Union to Maxamillion L. Malone; 132,905; L64, Strasbourg Estates, Phase II.
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions LLC to Ronald C. and Dawn L. Stith; 176,000; L5, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Arvest Bank to John R. and Dana L. Poepsel; 148,000; L11, Linwood Heights, fourth addition.
Arvest Bank to Jorge L. Alfaro and Ruth V. Walker; 328,500; L167, Emerald Park, Phase III.
Arvest Bank to Tyler R. and Gabrielle Campbell; 180,300; sec. 33, twp. 29, range 24, SW.
Arvest Bank to James W. and Amber L. Fullington; 289,240; sec. 6, twp. 30, range 20, SW.
Arvest Bank to Barbara E. Jackson; 134,140; L11, Lakewood Village, Unit 2.
Arvest Bank to Raymond Lee and Julie R. Krueger; 181,550; L19, Westwood, Phase III.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Tyler Willis and Mallory Mae Covington; 171,000; L5, Dryden Place addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Amanda L. and Matthew Q. Boes; 108,800; L62, Cloverdale addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Brandon Blake and Shayla R. Cox; 154,700; L20, Greentree Hills.
BancorpSouth Bank to Troy and Micki McShane; 355,204; sec. 36, twp. 20, range 20, SE.
BancorpSouth Bank to Ryan Alexander and Jill Suzanne Woodhouse; 127,200; L17, Linwood Heights.
BancorpSouth Bank to Mercedes E. and Braden A. Hill; 137,365; 4817 W. Tarkio St. 65802.
BancorpSouth Bank to Rentals LLC; 147,045; L16, Deer Lake South, Phase II.
BancorpSouth Bank to Rentals LLC; 999,086; L2, L17 and L27-28, The Cottages, first addition.
BancorpSouth Bank to Austin and Janae Robertson; 355,000; L14, River Road Estates, Phase II.
BancorpSouth Bank to Jennafer Leeann and Joseph Patrick Bulger; 117,800; L127, Aero-Acres, second addition.
BancorpSouth Bank to Kelly and Crystal Burk; 148,000; sec. 18, twp. 28, range 22, NW.
BancorpSouth Bank to Travis W. Washeck and Sarah Michelle Keathley; 139,000; L7, Walnut Lawn Terrace.
Bank of Billings to TBJ Sales Inc.; 180,000; L34, Glendale Estates.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Wayne Edwards III and Katherine Smith; 123,117; L110, Meadowbrook Manor, third addition.
Baxter Credit Union to Brandi L. Bowers; 264,325; L24, Pearson Park, Phase III.
BMO Harris Bank to John T. III and Teresa Pierpont; 137,600; L3 and L23, Eastwood Hills.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Grant Brallier; 140,000; L3, Patriot Place, Phase II.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Catherine C. and Thomas M. Betor; 409,600; L56, The Terraces.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to R. Carlson Properties LLC; 750,000; L11 and L16-17, Sunset, second addition and others.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Jeffrey V. Schrag and Mary Sheid; 300,000; sec. 30, twp. 29, range 21, SW.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Erick A. and Nell S. Huff; 123,250; L31, Carden Meadow.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Winget Properties LLC; 130,000; L13, Fremont Landing III.
Citizens Bank to Brandon and Samantha Rogers and Nancy J. and Ronald A. Silvius; 194,904; L69, Hidden Valley Estates.
Citizens Bank to Jason L. and Fabiane Santos Folker; 172,500; L6, Mill Ridge, first addition.
Commerce Bank to George Milam IV and Cindy A. Thompson Trust; 171,120; 4285 E. Cromwell St. 65802.
CU Community Credit Union to Bradley Steven and Shanda Powell; 120,000; L35, Chestnut South, second addition.
CU Community Credit Union to Emily Jolliff; 158,400; sec. 2, twp. 30, range 20, NE and SE.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Tabatha M. and Joseph J. Spivey; 191,468; L53, Highland Meadows, Phase II.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Jenna Goodall; 125,033; L73, Strasbourg Estates, Phase II.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Bobby Gene Mead Sr.; 129,010; L18, Kay Pointe, Phase II.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Sara Marie Ward; 139,410; L137, University Heights.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. to Paul Cherek; 179,900; L34, Patriot Place.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. to Dillon P. and Lauren E. Cayer; 182,000; sec. 5, twp. 29, range 24, SE.
First Bank to Taco Habitat GMP LLC; 1,244,000; sec. 6, twp. 28, range 21, SE.
First Community Bank of the Ozarks to TUP LLC; 639,000; Bldg. C, Unit C-100, Twin Oaks Office Park Condominium.
First Community Mortgage Inc. to Chris and Shawn Neville; 258,500; sec. 22, twp. 31, range 21, NE.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Penelope Candise and Blair A. Kimball; 147,000; L41, Hattiesburg Hills.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Kelly Dodson and Joe Parker; 176,800; L23, Meadowview Estates.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Connie and Richard Johnson; 227,797; L30, James Towne Square.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Anatoliy and Larisa Zubku; 225,200; sec. 19, twp. 29, range 20, SE.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to David G. and Lindsey A. Conley; 159,245; L7, Meadowview Estates.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Denver Roberts; 125,500; sec. 3, twp. 29, range 23, NE.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Christopher Benjamin and Lisa Ann Marie Stueve; 226,100; L48, Mission Hills.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Dawn A. Brewer; 118,750; L94, Cherokee West.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Ashlee Embry and David Schlichte; 114,000; L40, Mardeana Hills addition.
Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Johnny W. and Lois J. Jones; 185,000; L16-17, Boston Heights, first addition.
GEF Properties LLC and Paradise Ventures LLC to DFB Properties LLC; 195,000; L9, L57-58 and L61-62, Northwood Terrace and others.
Gershman Mortgage to Alondra Valdovinos; 321,333; L7, Wild Horse, Phase IV.
Great Southern Bank to Teresa J. and Terry B. Brown; 207,000; sec. 9, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
Great Southern Bank to Chandra A. and John L. Robbins; 296,400; 8816 E. Farm Road 174, Rogersville 65742.
Guaranty Bank to Lantz 1043 LLC; 875,500; L20, S.H. Horine’s addition.
Guaranty Bank to California Dreamin LLC; 1,120,500; sec. 4, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
Guaranty Bank to Paul L. and Machell L. Engel; 230,000; L19, Lexington Square, Phase III.
Heritage Bank of the Ozarks to Barton and Kele Guyer; 262,000; L4, Connemara Estates.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Storage Stack LLC; 2,455,235; sec. 4, twp. 28, range 22, NW.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Oller Holdings Co. LLC; 122,400; L7, Chesterfield Village, Phase VII.
Morgan Stanley Private Bank to William A. and Susan Thielker; 100,000; L3, Plainview Place.
Movement Mortgage LLC to Joshua C. and Kathleen Tran; 180,000; L24, Southview Estates.
New American Funding to Austin and Leah Chainey; 123,750; sec. 24, twp. 29, range 23, SW.
OakStar Bank to Matthew and Lindsey Racz; 159,600; L13, Meadowview Estates, Phase II.
OakStar Bank to Craftsman Properties LLC; 199,360; L16, Pearson Park, Phase IV.
OakStar Bank to Ian and Ashley Cress; 143,939; L4-5, Buckley and Linderman addition.
OakStar Bank to Angela Spurgeon and Jordan D. Marquez; 386,400; L4, Ravenwood South, third addition.
OakStar Bank to Norma G. Kuntz and Bradley A. and Janet L. Bennett; 110,000; L4, English Oaks, Phase IV.
OakStar Bank to Landon M. and Kelli L. Lewis; 302,000; L14, Sunset Estates.
OakStar Bank to Douglas D. and Nicole D. McCauley; 720,000; L11, Natural Bridge Estates, Unit 2.
OakStar Bank to CRM Built LLC; 190,000; L24, Craftsman’s Reserve.
OakStar Bank to BMAK LLC; 108,000; 1561 S. Campbell Ave. 65807.
Old Missouri Bank to Chamfam Properties LLC; 134,000; L18, Pine Wood Place.
Old Missouri Bank to Touchstone Group LLC; 235,000; L1, Oak Grove Commons.
Ozark Bank to Theodore and Bonnie Tabor; 955,200; L11-12 and L19-20, North Springfield original.
Progressive Ozark Bank to Rebecca Douglas; 137,500; sec. 1, twp. 29, range 22, NW.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Robert Emery III and Linda K. Thompson; 117,000; L8, Pin Oak Place.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Eric M. and Jennifer M. Gifford; 370,000; L12, Ravenwood South, fifth addition.
Rural Missouri Inc. to Jack R. and Bich Ngoc Gregory; 253,000; L3-4, Battlefield Road, first addition.
Simmons Bank to Mark and Julie Eaton Family Trust; 184,000; L1, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Simmons Bank to Linda R. Burleson Trust; 258,500; L4, Grand Oak Village.
Simmons Bank to Andrew James Galle; 203,000; L1, Bristol Park.
Springfield First Community Bank to James C. Courtney; 420,000; sec. 7, twp. 30, range 20, SW and sec. 12, twp. 30, range 21, SE.
Springfield First Community Bank to Jennifer M. Walker; 126,350; L21, Maryvale Estates.
Springfield First Community Bank to Austin C. and Haley J. Ponder; 245,057; L15, Marlborough Manor, 13th addition.
Springfield First Community Bank to Steven P. and Linda K. Quinn; 280,000; sec. 2, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to David H. Jones; 146,500; L1, Lakewood Village, Unit 2.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to James Todd and Leslie F. Monroe; 128,000; sec. 33, twp. 29, range 20, NE, SW and SE.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Coyote Crossing Holding Co. LLC; 300,000; sec. 16, twp. 29, range 21, NW.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Amy C. Hancock Trust; 325,000; sec. 5, twp. 28, range 23, SW.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Jon H. and Kenna W. Wiggins Trust; 100,000; L6, Quail Creek, Phase I.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to James W. and Veronica Coulter; 500,000; sec. 28, twp. 28, range 20, SW.
Steward Mortgage Funding LLC to Misty D. and Charles J. Park; 341,700; L11, Valley Park Estates, fifth addition.
Systematic Savings Bank to EJY Properties LLC; 114,362; L3, Walnut Terrace.
Systematic Savings Bank to M. Miller Consulting LLC; 176,257; L1, Melrose Place and others.
Systematic Savings Bank to AK Investments LLC; 221,741; sec. 20, twp. 29, range 21, NE.
Telcomm Credit Union to Dennis and Karen Erickson; 112,000; L24, West Village, second addition.
Thrivent Federal Credit Union to Becca A. and Seth A. Higgins; 175,750; L10, Vermillion Estates.
U.S. Bank to Jonathan Dale and Allison Leigh Baltzell; 459,000; Lot 1B, Valley Park Estates, fourth addition.
U.S. Bank to Alyssa Kuse and Ryan Courtois; 127,040; L5, Meadowlark Heights.
U.S. Bank to Kenneth Guy and Barbara Smith Carter; 100,000; sec. 16, twp. 28, range 22, SW.
Veterans United Home Loans to Adam L. and Laura E. Smith; 124,623; L60, Coachlight Village.
Volt Credit Union to Martin and Carole Clements; 110,000; sec. 32, twp. 30, range 20, NE.
Wood & Huston Bank to Triple TTT Holdings LLC; 350,000; sec. 19, twp. 28, range 23, SE.

The following petitions were filed and relief was granted in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City for the Western District of Missouri, as a matter of public record. The bankruptcies were received at the federal clerk’s office in Springfield. The bankruptcies appear in order of case, chapter, petitioner and address. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
Feb. 8-14, 2019
B19-60153/Chap. 13. Judith Lynne Love; 1704 E. Lark St. 65804.
B19-60154/Chap. 13. Ryan Anthony Lewis; 20955 Hartburg Lane, Saint Robert 65584.
B19-60155/Chap. 7. Tamas and Stevie Lee Kiss; 3126 E. Valley Water Mill Road, Apt. 2503 65803.
B19-60156/Chap. 13. Julie Ann Scott; 3537 S. Delaware Ave. 65804.
B19-60157/Chap. 7. Adam Clayton Draayer; 2804 Morgan Road, No. 125, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60158/Chap. 7. Josephine S. Cochran; 2523 S. Fort Ave. 65807.
B19-60159/Chap. 13. Ra-Keish N. Roland; 2214 N. Travis Ave. 65803.
Feb. 15-21, 2019
B19-60160/Chap. 13. Holly Dot Caldwell; 2039 Southford Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60161/Chap. 7. Joseph D. and Sabrina L. Spencer; 2055 E. State Route K, No. 62, West Plains 65775.
B19-60162/Chap. 7. Timothy Dewayne Oliver; 4341 W. Maple 65802.
B19-60163/Chap. 13. Donald J. Ready; 2533 N. Fort Ave. 65803.
B19-60164/Chap. 7. Elaine Johns; 3527 Highway 50, Beaufort 63013.
B19-60165/Chap. 7. Kimberly Jeanne Heflin; 627 S. Fountain Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60166/Chap. 7. Carrie Gene Hunter; 504 N. Belview Ave. 65802.
B19-60167/Chap. 7. Dale Alan and Catherine Marie Hall; 1261 W. Vintage Lane, Nixa 65714.
B19-60168/Chap. 13. John Kevin and Kathleen Kim Flohr; 1435 State Highway N, Clever 65631.
B19-60169/Chap. 7. Austin Ray Allen Carcione; 2141 N. Oakland Ave. 65803.
B19-60170/Chap. 7. James Dean Hahn; 14 Legend Road, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60171/Chap. 7. Jimmie Lee and Linda Lee Lowery; 2938 E. Monroe Terrace 65802.
B19-60172/Chap. 7. Rachel Winson Reaves; 818 S. Cobble Creek Blvd., Nixa 65714.
B19-60173/Chap. 13. Wilbur Dean and Debra Annette Turner; P.O. Box 253, Roby 65557.
B19-60174/Chap. 7. Stori N. Hagewood; 280 W. Wilson, Republic 65738.
B19-60175/Chap. 12. Wacha Farms LLC; 1440 W. Skyline Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60176/Chap. 13. Christine Lynn Boaz; 1561 S. Campbell 65807.
B19-60177/Chap. 7. Lorraine M. Gerkey; 302 E. Clouse, Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60178/Chap. 7. Ulas V. Volner; 701 Frisco St., Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60179/Chap. 7. Elija Joshua Smith II; 1434 W. Lark St., Apt. 108 65810.
B19-60180/Chap. 7. Larry Drew and Louise M. Domerese; 641 Joe Jones Blvd., West Plains 65775.
B19-60181/Chap. 13. Timothy Darden and Shelly Patrice Curl; 106 E. Pintail Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60182/Chap. 7. Steven Travis and Cristina Camelia Worley; 802 Daniel Lane, Willard 65781.
B19-30060/Chap. 13. Danny Joe and Debbie Ruth Poindexter; 46 Allison Bend, Lampe 65681.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
B19-60183/Chap. 7. Dustin L. Hayman; 4006 N. Willow Road, Ozark 65721.
B19-60184/Chap. 7. Joshua Jackson and Rachelle M. Vaughn; 813 S. Dade 251, Ash Grove 65604.
B19-60185/Chap. 7. Ryan David Gray; 741 N. Elmwood Ave. 65802.
B19-60186/Chap. 7. Pamela Lynn Eskandar; 1216 Pearl Circle, West Plains 65775.
B19-60187/Chap. 13. Robin Renea Gold; 3134 W. Page St. 65802.
B19-60188/Chap. 7. Shane Erin and Jacqueline Dawn Gold; 2051 Delaware Ave. 65804.
B19-60189/Chap. 7. Maxie Dee Johnson; 1120 E. Livingston Court 65803.
B19-60190/Chap. 7. Sandra Louise Tyner; 614 Skyview Drive, Branson 65616.
B19-60191/Chap. 7. Kode Drew Witherspoon; 311 E. Monroe St., Walnut Grove 65770.
B19-60192/Chap. 7. Richard Howell English; 2106 N. Benton, Unit B 65803.
B19-60193/Chap. 7. Aaron Scott Williams; 103 N. Teakwood Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60194/Chap. 7. J.D. Livingston; 2321 E. Cherry St., Apt. 2 65802.
B19-60195/Chap. 7. Rita Clark; 3963 W. Gardenia Drive, Brookline 65619.
B19-60196/Chap. 13. Chadwick Arthur and Alexandria Louise Runk; 828 E. Purple Martin St., Nixa 65714.
B19-60197/Chap. 7. Rex Jacob Cody and Cherie Nicole Rowden; 2710 N. Farm Road 137, Lot 118 65803.
B19-60198/Chap. 13. Lindsay Elizabeth Shaffer; 18629 E. 2028 Road, Dadeville 65635.
B19-60199/Chap. 13. David W. and Tracy L. West; 5731 W. David St. 65802.
B19-60200/Chap. 13. Jeffrey Wayne and Penny Jean Hartman; 143 Park Hill Court, Strafford 65757.
B19-60201/Chap. 7. Jaime Alfredo Gonzalez; 4037 W. Hialeah 65803.
B19-60202/Chap. 7. Laura Stellan Patterson; 550 Boston Road, Oldfield 65720.
B19-60203/Chap. 7. Joy Anna Corn; 1650 Timbercreek Drive, Apt. 13, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60204/Chap. 7. Rachael Marie Reed; 1538 E. Lindberg St. 65804.
B19-60205/Chap. 13. Norma Jean Marcus; 1336 N. West Ave. 65802.
B19-60206/Chap. 13. John Lee and Ruthie Lee Gilsdorf; 873 E. 420th Road, Trailer C-1, Bolivar 65613.
B19-60207/Chap. 11. Print Group Inc.; 1440 W. Skyline Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60208/Chap. 13. Greg Gene Lumley; Route 6, Box 67554, Ava 65608.
B19-60209/Chap. 7. Diana G. Riley; P.O. Box 450, Stockton 65785.
B19-60210/Chap. 13. Wendy Leigh Snodgrass; 2526 W. Swallow St. 65810.
B19-60211/Chap. 7. Jesse Edward Jr. and Jennifer Marie Tanner; P.O. Box 294, Laquey 65534.
B19-60212/Chap. 7. Jamie Cordell Herron; 4001 S. Belvedere Court 65807.
B19-60213/Chap. 7. Billy H. Davis; 210 Brianna Drive, Hollister 65672.
B19-60214/Chap. 7. Matthew Bryce and Stephanie Ann Trotter; 207 N. Gregg Road, Nixa 65714.
B19-60215/Chap. 7. Joshua Michael and Tara Leslie Williams; 4103 N. Mead Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60216/Chap. 7. Jeff M. and Cari C. Maughan; 5364 S. Cloverdale Lane, Battlefield 65619.
B19-60217/Chap. 7. Lindsey R. Shepherd; 709 S. Elm St., Stoutland 65567.
B19-60218/Chap. 7. Deana Marie Hunt; 807 N. Alberta, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60219/Chap. 7. Stephon Antonio and Ashley Nicole Johnson; 3660 S. Cox Ave., Apt. 2105 65807.
B19-60220/Chap. 7. Donald Ray and Shirley Ann Mashburn; 403 E. Hadley St., Republic 65738.


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